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    A Day In The LIFE of a Music Executive

    Risky Business 

    Being in the music business is a spiritual journey. Sometimes i wish it wasn't but there's no way around this part.

    I get to meet all types of inspiring artists. You know, the ones that say they are gonna make it but don't have a clue about how to even begin to get started....I love chopping it up with these kats. However the good part about music is going for yours...You gotta have focus to get work done in this game. Distractions exist around every corner. I call them the "Dream Killers!" SEX, DRUGS and… Read more

    Chilling on a Sunday 

    It ain't nothing like chilling on a Sunday...Waking up late after spending the night at some club scouting for talent only to leave disappointed. I'm hoping the artist I heard develop over time. I wish them well on their musical journeys.

    I reflect on days like this to prepare my mind and soul for the upcoming grind. You know...What needs to be done? How close are we to our goals? And... Where that next check coming from?

    I take days like this to blast Jimi Hendrix and cool out to Bob Marley and his Son's...… Read more

    The Life I Live... 

    Welcome to my first blog. I will provide you with an unadulterated view in the life of JR the CEO of Permanent Muzik. I will share my interest, struggles and whereabouts. I look forward to providing some insight to this wonderful life I live in the Music Business.